Building YOUR Brand of Specialty. What's Love Got To Do With It?

Building YOUR Brand of Specialty.  What's Love Got To Do With It?


First and foremost, if you love and have a true passion for your product or service most likely it will be well received and thriving. Specialty is about heart and sharing the love of one’s creation with others. Share the principle, your fundamental truth(s), which served as the foundation of creating your brand.Share your truth on why your product(s) or services are worth your own personal self-sacrifice and why they impassioned you to bring your concepts to fruition.

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Mindfully Creating Your Vision of Your Brand

For years each of us has read how critical it is to create or recreate one’s brand by defining one’s “Vision.”  While I have been practicing brand development for many years I often heard that statement and it simply felt like a lot of marketing hype rather than encouraging authenticity. I see things differently now; that is the beauty of letting go and living life in a more mindful way.     

I have come to adapt my thoughts on creating one’s “Vision” using Ellen J. Langer’s philosophy: “Social psychologists argue that who we are at any one time depends mostly on the context in which we find ourselves. But who creates the context? The more mindful we are, the more we can create the contexts we are in. When we create the context, we are more likely to be authentic. Mindfulness lets us see things in a new light and believe in the possibility of change.”

From this point of view, I believe one can create a believable, true Vision that captures our ideal self and/or brand purpose.  Finding purpose is a great way to getting closer to finding oneself as a whole.

So how do you define your Vision? 

It is a simple process, and one that is best if you begin by establishing a space for creativity and intuition to flow.  Each of us has our own ways to put ourselves in this sort of space.  As for me, I create best out in nature; high atop a mountain, sitting by a stream or under a tree.  Depending on the size of your company, this can be adapted to whatever place or space that is conducive to opening one’s heart and relaxing the mind.     

Then get out a notepad, computer, or group writing easel. 

Ask yourself and/or your joint purpose colleagues:

1. What is it you would like to do and why?

2. What do you want your specialty brand to be? 

3. What do you want your brand concept to strive to become? 

4. Or, if you are already in the specialty business, what have you striven to be or become?

The best way to accomplish this undertaking is to jot down all of the words and/or feelings that define what comes to your mind and heart when answering the above questions. The more words, descriptions, and written positive feelings the better. Next, group similar words/feelings together; this will reinforce what the most decisive elements to the vision are. This creative process will present to you your vision.

Finally, work with the words and meanings to finesse a Vision statement.  As an example my vision statement for Yara Innovations is “Creating connections with your customers through vision, design and education.” My other shared company, Alpenol Feel the Relief Store, vision statement is “All Natural Products to Soothe the Mind, Body & Soul.”       

Keep the creative work process that you did above, as ultimately this process will lead you to a shared fundamental purpose to enter your market niche. What better way to find your niche than to do so while you’re also reinventing who you are for a better you?

Ponder & Share - I would be delighted to assist you and your team in the process above and/or create a custom workshop for you to facilitate in defining your Brand Vision, Essence, Personality, Niche, Differentiation, and Target Customers.  

Jamie Hagen

Jamie Hagen has over 30 years experience in management, brand development, marketing, graphic design, and purchasing. Early on Jamie focused her career in the specialty coffee and food industry and later in all areas of brand development and management training. For 6 years Jamie (Utendorf-) Hagen held a Board of Directors position on the Specialty Coffee Association of America (a national & international membership of 2,500) and was honored with The Specialty Coffee Association of America's "2004 Outstanding Contributions to the Association" award. In 2001, she founded her own consulting company Creative Concepts working with clients in Italy, Holland, Canada, Mexico and throughout the United States. In 2007, Jamie became a partner in Alpenὂl, LLC a product line of pure essential oil blends for whole health healing Jamie developed Alpenὂl’s brand identity and packaging and jointly works in sales with Managing Partner, Doug Mackay. Jamie also works with Doug & Peggy MacKay on graphics, workbooks and PowerPoint sales training collateral for Cliff Bar, Annie’s Gourmet, Hershey’s and the Glen Douglas Group management workshops. Jamie is currently a board of director on the Collegiate Peaks Forum Series and is also on the board of The Reserve of Cottonwood Creek. She is a past board member of the Chaffee County Alliance for Domestic Abuse (2007-2011). Jamie has lived in Buena Vista, Colorado since 2001. Since recently becoming a widow she has studied and is certified in Eminent Reiki I and II and is pursuing many holistic and spiritual health initiatives. Jamie Hagen has four, combined family, children and two grandchildren.