Specialty Branding is About Creating Connections With Your Customers  

The 21st century culture with its global economy and digital revolution is demanding a higher level of public transparency.  More importantly, our culture is asking to be told your own story as to why they should become emotionally connected to your product, concept or service.  

First and foremost, if you love and have a true passion for your product or service most likely it will be well received and thriving. The Specialty business is about heart and sharing the love of one’s creation with others.  

Share your story by telling your potential buyers why you love your product or service.  Share the principle, your fundamental truth(s), which served as the foundation of creating your brand.  Tell them why they should trust you and try your product or service. Share your truth on why your product(s) were worth your own personal self-sacrifice and why they impassioned you to bring your concepts to fruition. 

Yara Innovations Can Help You Development or Reinvigorate Your Mindful Brand Vision:

  • Brand Development, Positioning & Management

  • Tactical Marketing Plans (vision, essence, how to)

  • Strategic Business Plans (suitable for obtaining financing)

  • Sales Strategy Development

  • Social Media & Advertising

  • Consumer Research/Studies

  • Marketing/Business Writing (brochures, proposals, etc.)

  • E-Mail and Traditional Newsletters

  • Product & Packaging Development

  • Merchandising Plan-O-Grams, Signage, Presentation

  • Booth Design & Development

  • Café/Restaurant/Store Design


Pango Mango

Alpenol Feel the Relief Store

Alpenol Feel the Relief Store website created by Yara Innovations: www.feelthereliefstore.com

Definition of Specialty

To compete in the Specialty industries consumers and I agree that the entry level in these industries is product excellence.  Therefore, we believe that you have an exceptional tasting and/or high quality product(s) or service. Further that your specialty brand guards that promise of quality excellence all the way through your distribution channel(s) until your product/service comes into direct contact with your customer . . . consistently. 

What Makes A Specialty Product or Service Special?

First and foremost, creating connections by sharing your love and principle for your product, concept or service previously shared on this page. Second, when a product or service is of the highest quality and differentiated from the rest AND

  • Offers your story and unique selling point(s) or feature(s);

  • Creates a following that then;

  • Obtains and gains consumer acceptance and love for the product that then;

  • Creates a demand for the specialized product or service that;

  • Ultimately creates a consumer passion and/or desire for the product or service.


Aquatic Alternatives

The Reserve at Cottonwood Creek

The Reserve at Cottonwood Creek website created by Yara Innovations: www.thereserveatcottonwoodcreek.com


Earth Apothecary

Earth Apothecary website created by Yara Innovations: www.earth-apothecary.com/

Barnie's Coffee & Tea Company

Collegiate Peaks Forum Series

French Market Dessert Cafe

Creative Mug Concepts


Why is Building a Brand Important to My Business?

Today we live in a brand savvy and literate market that spans all spectrum's of consumer demographics. Consumer’s worldwide have been besieged with clever language and exceptional graphics and imaging. They have come to expect this type of messaging in any new concept, product or service that is offered to them.  

Further in each consumer demographic category whether it is Baby Boomers, Generations X or Y, Millennials, or various rising Ethnic Groups each group expects their brands to be offered up to suit their wants and desires.  This is why social networks sharing interactions and personal relationships with the World have become so triumphant.  Please see my upcoming blog for articles and techniques on building the Brand of Specialty.”